Making Organizations More Abundant

Meet Leslie Jones

I help high-achieving fast-movers hit pause on the fixing and press play on the love. The oldest child of a Buddhist and a Born-Again, I’ve always been a straight shooter on the path-least-taken. That path? Paved in joy and pain. And plenty of learning.

★ 30 Years Coaching Experience

★ Creator of The SpiralMethod

★ 2010, Boulder Top-10 Women to Watch

★ Anti-self-help

★ Mental health advocate

★ Midwest roots with an edge, mother of three

The Challenge

When you step out of inherited expectations and into love, you evolve for good.

The Outcomes

More love. More play. More space. Thus… Greater impact!

Relationships restored and thriving

Decluttered mind, body, and spirit

More love for yourself and others

Early retirement with more money

A life by design

Translate vision to reality

Client Testimonials

Leslie and SpiralMethod took a random collection of outstanding leaders to extraordinary new levels of connection, introspection, awareness, and transformation.

— David Armitage, Inventor, Founder

Personal growth, self-awareness, self-confidence
and courage to explore new boundaries. Those are just some of the benefits of working with Leslie.

— Todd Nicholson, Principal Program Manager

So what are you waiting for?

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