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Leslie's Clients
Leslie's Clients
Leslie's Clients
Leslie's Clients

Dear Leaders on the Hamster Wheel,

It’s no fun running in circles, striving towards never-ending goals, grasping at the empty hope that just maybe it will slow down tomorrow. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or you’ve been on the journey for a long time, it’s completely normal to encounter seasons, challenges, or specific areas of life where you just can’t break free despite your best efforts. 

Don’t worry. All the leadership success, fulfillment, and even ease you are longing for are possible if you’re willing to do the work—and, if you have the right guide. 

Traditional Coaching Leslie Jones Coaching
Escape the hamster wheel ✨ Heck, just break your barriers to bits and leave them behind.
Benefits from 30 years of coaching Forget what you thought you knew about coaching and buckle up. 
Buck the System of Life and Work  Let go of the striving already, and LIVE your real life right now.
Learn how to do less and achieve more Exhale. Breath. You can achieve great things through ease and love. 
Be your best self Your powerful legacy can only be as beautiful as your actual life is, so let’s make it amazing. 

Get Started.

All you have is today, right now, to make the change you’ve been longing for.


Trusted By

Patrick Smith
Patrick SmithManaging Director, Chief Investment Officer, Cook Street Consulting

If you’re willing to trust in the process and maintain an open heart...the benefits for you, your family, your organization and our broader community are indispensable. It is without hesitation that I am proud to endorse Leslie as an executive coach, leader, and group facilitator.

Caroline Dunn
Caroline DunnVP of Operations

“I learned more about my coworkers, both personally and professionally than I have before. I respect the different departments and the work they do much, much more. I find the mission behind our company much more meaningful, since I not only help alter the course of climate change.


One-on-one Coaching

Leslie selects a handful of new coaching clients each quarter to embark on regular coaching calls for a minimum of six months, though many coaching relationships are much longer. A typical call begins with an exhale and unfolds as you and Leslie begin to find and explore threads of tension, challenge, need and possibility, vision, truth, and transformational planning.

Leadership Consulting

Leslie provides tailored solutions to help you unwind leadership issues, see new possibilities and find the clarity you need to enhance your employee relationships, improve communication, create the conditions for more organizational growth, and achieve greater consistency. Discover how our proven strategies can transform your leadership and propel you to new heights.

Peer Group Facilitation

Leslie has launched, developed and sustained many peer groups over the years and loves to partner with an advocate host who desires to build a peer group within their circle of influence. She facilitates early sessions to help the group begin to understand the nature of community and develop strong relationships that knit them together into a community.

Team Group Facilitation

Leslie is a seasoned leadership team and group facilitator who is well-versed in designing experiences that unlock a team’s potential quickly by removing obstacles, whether relational or structural.


Similarly to Leslie’s group facilitation experience and track-record. Leslie works with Advocate Hosts to design memorable and life-changing offsite retreat experiences over one or more days with groups of 6-40 people.

Delivering Results

Regardless of the form Leslie’s work takes, her skill as a coach and facilitator delivers results.

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Break Free, Lead Powerfully, Live Fully

As your coach, Leslie Jones will help you slow down and learn to see anew each place in your life that needs healing, restoration and transformation. In your sessions, you’ll not only gain invaluable insights into what’s been keeping you on the hamster wheel, you’ll unlock the keys you need to step off it for good.

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