Executive Coach and facilitator

Meet Leslie Jones

Owner/Founder, Executive Coach

Leslie Jones is a coach like no other. For over 30 years, she has helped countless leaders get unstuck, unlock their potential, and live more fully in every area of life; because compartmentalizing isn’t real. Who you are in one area of your life will absolutely affect every other area, which is why coaching strategies that attempt to fix, resolve and address specific challenges never lead to the whole-life change most people seek when they engage a coach.  

Leslie’s philosophy is simple and powerful. First, exhale.

Leslie started her career as a coach and studied for years learning to draw out the potential in her clients. It turns out, she has a calling and genius few do. Sure, lots of people coach from their personal experience and that’s great, but it’s a wholly different thing to be truly excellent at the practice of coaching. 

Leslie intuitively knows how to lean in and create those transformational moments that elude those who don’t fully understand what makes them possible. Drawing on her deep experience, she has developed proven methods that work to resolve unseen barriers and create dramatic increases in personal power, productivity, income and satisfaction, as well as a restored sense of ease and balance.  

Leslie is also an entrepreneur and has ventured into the great unknown starting multiple businesses of her own, so she’s no stranger to business leadership and entrepreneurship. This is why nearly all her work these days is with leaders who are hungry to make their leadership, work and life a true masterpiece.